ANCC | Who We Are

The Albanian National Center of Cinematography (ANCC) was created in 1997.

The ANCC is the only governmental national institution that finances, encourages and promotes Albania’s film production.

The ANCC’s goal is to foster and advance Albanian cinema, encouraging new visions and emerging voices. As always, artistic merit will continue to be the most important criterion upon which these projects are selected. Since its creation the ANCC has supported production, distribution and promotion of 33 feature films, 34 shorts, 75 documentaries and 48 animations. The ANCC actively encourages Albanian filmmakers in developing feature film projects by financially supporting international co-productions as a strategy to enhance distribution and reception of these films beyond our borders. ANCC finances short films made by up and coming directors along with film students making their first productions in order for them to see their efforts reach the big screen.

The ANCC financially assists film festivals along with presenting worldwide the ‘Days of Albanian Cinema’ – as
well as valuable seminars, conferences and screenings meant 7 to introduce and improve the film industry in Albania. The ANCC is also responsible for publishing many books on various Albanian cinematographic subjects. The ANCC represents Albania in a number of international motion picture organizations such as Eurimages, SEE Cinema Network and the European Film Promotion. The ANCC is
also responsible for organizing pavilions and booths which promote Albanian cinema in international film festivals, such as Cannes and Berlin.

The films co-produced by the ANCC have met with success, receiving nominations and winning prizes in important festivals, both inside and outside Albania.