The event “Integration, Education through Culture” at the 8th edition of the International Film Festival, Cinema of the future society, “A-FestFilmROZAFA2017” in Shkodra, Gjirokastra, and in some other cities will be accompanied by the creative event “VISUAL ART IN MOTION”. The creativity of this area is the event which brings about something new from the quality point of view, which has never existed before. This topic can also be treated both from the philosophical and psychological viewpoint. 1- Seminar, training, workhop, the realization of “VISUAL ART IN MOTION” with children and teenagers will give way to entertainment and the development of the fantasy. 2- The introduction of contemporary computer programs 2D & 3D. 3- The psychology of reading film and creativity is the “psychological mechanism” which generates the act of movement; the formation of ethics, aesthetics, the development of fantasy, leading to the increase of curiosity for European and world culture. 4- The aim is to avoid education methods that hinder the development of creativity among children and teenagers, in order to set society free from egoism, rigid norms of behavious, clichés and stereotypes. 5- Another aim is to minimize the causes which make the adults not express themselves freely. The seminars, training, workshops and film screening will take place in some cities. The event will generate ideas, especially regarding creativity in groups, namely through brainstorming the catalogue of creative ideas, accepting the ideas of others, as a method to attain much in a short time.

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