Recognition of Albanian & Foreign Productions that want to Shoot in Albania

To get a shooting permission, the film productions (Albanian or foreign) must supply the following documents at the Albanian National Center of Cinematography:
1. Request for shooting permission;
2. Synopsis of the film project;
3. CV and Trade Register Excerpt of the Prod Company;
4. Information on the co-producers of the project (if there are);
5. Descripton of the planned shooting locations.
6. Shooting schedule;
7. Information on what support is needed by the public entities such as State Police, Armed Forces, Local Authorities etc. if the prod needs to use their buildings, props, pirotecnical materials, prop weapons, costumes, uniforms, personell etc.

Permission will NOT be granted if the project in question does the following:
1. Violates the basic human rights and/ constitutional rights.
2. Violates the honor and prestige of the Albanian Nation and history.
3. Is subject or entices hatred, racism, terrorism, etc.
4. Cultivates fondamentalist ideology, etc.
5. Is highly pornografical.

The documentation must be sent in Albanian at the following address, at least 2 weeks before the start of shooting.

For any question, please contact us directly.
ANNC: +355 42 378 004