eurimagesEURIMAGES is the cultural support fund of the Council of Europe. Established in 1989, it currently numbers 36 of the 47 member states of the Strasbourg-based Organization. Albania is part of Eurimages since 2009. Eurimages promotes the European audiovisual industry by providing financial support to feature films, animations and documentaries produced in Europe. In doing so, it encourages co-operation between professionals established in different European countries.                                                                            www.coe.int/t/dg4/eurimages/#

The EUROPEAN FILM PROMOTION (EFP) is the only existing international network of organizations promoting and marketing European cinema worldwide. Founded in 1997, the network comprises professional organizations from 36 European countries who are experts in promoting and marketing their own efp-frontpage-ok-e1490280914300.jpgnational cinema. With a strong presence in most important film festivals and markets, worldwide, the EFP’s strategies span a broad spectrum and include artistic and business-oriented platforms which support the goal of increasing the visibility and marketability of European films globally.                                                                                                                                                               www.efp-online.com/en/

SEE-FRONTPAGE-okThe SOUTH EAST EUROPEAN CINEMA NETWORK (SEE Cinema Network) was set up in 2000. The goal is to support the film industry of Southeast European states (Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Cyprus) in supporting financially the short and feature film co- produced between at least 2 of the member countries.                      nationalfilmcenter.gov.al/wordpress/ wp-content/uploads/2014/06/SEE-charter.pdf

apulia-frontpageAPULIA FILM COMMISSION (AFC) was born in 2007 and aims to attract audiovisual production companies by providing subsidies to lower the costs of preparation, production and post-production of the projects shot in Puglia-Italy. Since 2014, Albania, represented by the Ministry of Culture and the Albanian National Center of Cinematography has signed a co-operation agreement with the Apulia Film Commission. The first project where Albania became eligible for the AFC funds, was Project Memoria which resulted in a coproduction grant for 3 Albanian producers.