Minority Co-productions


According to Chapter IV, Article 12 (Financing of Projects) of its status, ANCC offers support to film projects, realized with international co-productions, where the Albanian production company is in minority at the total production.

As such are considered:

a.       Film projects with Albanian authors (from Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro);

b.       Foreign film projects which guarantee at least one of the following criteria:

  • Film has an Albanian subject.
  • Part of the film will be shot in Albania.
  • At least 50% of the dialogue is in Albanian language and one Master copy will be realized in Albanian language.

c.       Foreign film projects, of particular interest, who spend a considerable amount of their budget in Albania (while   shooting or in other film production processes).


  1. Projects submitted in this category, will be funded based on the financial expert evaluation of ANCC, up to 6,000,000 (six million) Albanian Lek.
  2. At least 80% of the ANCC funds granted to these projects must be spent within the territory of the Republic of Albania. These funds should be used to meet the production expenses in Albania, and/or the expenses of Albanian cast and crew.
  3. Projects applying for this category should guarantee the following criteria:
    1. The applying Production Company must be an Albanian legal entity.
    2. A minimum of 70% of the total film budget must be secured prior to the application at ANCC.
    3. The project must be recipient of financial support from public institutions in the country of origin (valid for the region and Europe).
    4. The director should have realized at least one other film before applying.


Note: All mandatory documents must be presented both in Albanian and English:

  1. Formal Request for Funding of the project.
  2. Application Form (Sample for download)
  3. Budget Breakdown: signed by all co-producers, with specifications of the budget foreseen to be spent in Albania. (Sample for download)
  4. Final Script (Final Draft format).
  5. Short Synopsis – no more than 5 lines.
  6. Long Synopsis – up to 2 pages.
  7. Director’s Treatment/Statement.
  8. Director’s previous film/s – DVD/link.
  9. Director’s previous film/s List of Festivals and Awards.
  10. Contract of Co-production, signed by all co-producers with specified shares and appending a Budget Summary.
  11. Financial Plan with specifications on all confirmed or pending funding.
  12. Confirmation, certification, or other evidence (original or notarized copy) of the public funds secured in the origin country of the majority co-producer.
  13. Description of shooting locations, specifying the duration of shooting within the Albanian territory.
  14. Contract of the Majority co-producer on the script acquisition.
  15. Contract of the Majority co-producer with the film director.
  16. V. of the applying Production Company.
  17. V. of the Director.
  18. Statement (under personal liability) on the distribution/sales of the last films produced with ANCC funding.
  19. Statement of the applying Production Company (sample for download)


  • Location Photos, Mood-book, Storyboard, Initial Casting, or preliminary shooting that will help the Board to better understand the director’s style and vision.
  • Distribution Plan and Sales Territories (contracts/agreements from domestic/foreign distributors).
  • Any additional information helpful to better evaluate the project presentation.