Zgjidhen 5 regjisorët e MATERRE

U zgjodhen 5 regjisoret qe do te marrin pjese ne MATERRE dhe midis tyre eshte regjisorja shqiptare Blerina Goce.
Urime Blerina!

Materre five directors selected!

Materre five directors selected who will take part in the workshop to be held in April in Matera.

After long and careful scouting and selection, we’re really happy to publish the names of the directors who will work for MaTerre.

What’s Materre?

MaTerre is the innovative movie co-produced by Rete Cinema Basilicata and Matera2019, sponsored by Lucana Film Commission, with the support of many local, national and international partners.

We’ve received a great number of very high quality subscriptions and the decision hasn’t been easy for the Artistic Directors.

The filmmakers will take part in the creation of the first 360° immersive reality poetry movie, for the official programme of Matera European Capital of Culture in 2019.

Therefore, the 5 selected directors are:

Vito Foderà (Italy)
Gianluca Abbate (Italy)
Blerina Goce (Albania)
Elena Zervopoulou (France/Greece)
Giuseppe Schillaci (Italy/France)

5 directors, 5 poets:

We want to thank all the professionals who applied their participation and we congratulate the 5 selected talents who will work side by side with our 5 poets: Yolanda Castaño (Spagna), Aurélia Lassaque (Francia), Eduard Escoffet (Spagna), Nilson Muniz (Portogallo/Brasile) e Domenico Brancale (Italia), during the Euro-Mediterranean Poetry Film Workshop in Matera from 18th April to 2nd May 2019.

The great adventure of MaTerre just begun, but the best is yet to come! Follow us.

Materre five directors selected!