Albanian National Center of Cinematography awarded financial support to 18 films so far this season, with strong emphasis on the promising young directors. There are seven feature films supported on the debut film category and four feature films by the accomplished directors.
Two of the projects that received the financial support on the debut category were developed during the ALBASCRIPT workshop that was made possible during the summer 2016, thanks to the partnership between the Albanian Film Center and Cineuropa. Two of the projects that received support are interested to attend the 2017 workshop. The slate of the films that received the support includes seven short films as well.
The novelty of this year is that on the spring of 2017 Albanian Center of Cinematography celebrates the 20th anniversary of its creation and besides deciding on the support of documentaries, animations and minority Co-productions, in its plans is the announcement of a new Balkan coproduction fund and a Balkan Film forum in the near future.
Albania has doubled the film funding since 2013 and only for the past two years National Center of Cinematography has landed its support to about 90 productions, hitting the most productive era since the collapse of communism.