Open Door by Florenc Papas financohet ne Asamblene e pergjithshmek te SEE Cinema Network





Ne Asamblene e pergjithshmek te SEE Cinema Network, zhvilluar sot ne Selanik, u paraqiten 11 projekte nga 6 vende dhe fituan mbeshtetje per zhvillim 7 projekte, nga te cilat 5 kishin piket maksimale dhe 2 me pike te barabarta.
11 projects from 6 countries were presented at the General Meeting of SEE Cinema Network, held today in Thessaloniki. 7 of them won the support for development, of which 5 had the maximum points and 2 had equal points.
The winning projects are:
1. Open Door by Florenc Papas (Alb-Fyrom-It-Gr)
2. Pig by Dragomir Sholev (Bul-Rom)
3. Res Publika by Andy Papadimitriou (Cyp-Gr)
4. Her Job by Nikos Charalabopoulos (Gr-Ser-Cro-Fr)
5. In the Strange Pursuit of Laura Durand (Vertigo) by Dimitris Bavelas (Gr-Ser-Cro)
6. Fear and Love by Meto Jovanovski & Branko Baletich (Fyrom-MNegro-Ser)
7. Shadows of the Mediterranian by Ivan Jovic (Ser-Gr)