The Script Development Program for Professionals

The International Screenwriter Workshops & Master Classes are made possible through the generous financial support of the Creative Europe MEDIA Sub-Programme of the European Union; the German Federal Ministry for Culture; the Bavarian Ministry for Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology; FOCAL; the Austrian Film Institute;Manitoba Film and Music; On-Screen Manitoba; MFG Filmförderung Baden Württemberg; the Vestnorsk Filmsenter and the Western Norway Film Commission. Sponsors of eQuinoxe Europe include Just Publicity GmbH, Lippert von Raggamby Law Office, Charles McDonald Public Relations, ARRI Film & Television, and Dr. Hauschka/WALA GmbH.

“Until you (screenwriter) type “The End”, no one has a job!” 

Screenwriter/Producer Frank Pierson (1925-2012)


The International Screenwriters Workshop & Master Class is a short-term, seven-day, residential training programme with the aim of helping filmmakers to develop the best possible script.